Your path to your personal TRUCKMO miniature

We'd love to give you a quick, easy quote for your customised TRUCKMO model - here's how it works:

1. Call us on +43 68110752032
Miniature models as a high quality gift for your customers. Tell us what you need your TRUCKMO model for and the TRUCKMO miniatures sales team will work out a customised quote for you - at your premises, of course.

2. Designing your model
You will receive templates and data for printing your model. And if you have no experience with using that printing data? No problem - our graphics team will gladly take that task on for you!

3. Approval and production
Before the production starts you will receive a print-accurate proof - as a plan for what your model will look like. After a final check you, along with your TRUCKMO client adviser, approve your model for production. Then production will start and you will receive your personal TRUCKMO miniature in a few weeks. Needless to say, we will send you the finished goods directly to your exhibition stall.

TRUCKMO Miniatures info brochure

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